Max Silver




Max Silver is a writer, director and producer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He attended Carleton College in Minnesota, and hails from Chevy Chase, Maryland. 

He has worked at Anonymous Content, Strong Management, and as a commercial coordinator. Campaigns he has worked on include those for Kendrick Lamar, Baskets (FX), Apple, Google, Microsoft, Capital One, Intel, Squarespace, Nike, McDonald's, Waitrose, Chevy, VW, GMC, Kia, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, Esurance, Bank of America, Invesco, the BBC and Axe.  

Max co-wrote the 1-hour drama MARCUS & COMPANY which was optioned by Anonymous Content. He also contributed writing for the feature film FAKE! (Anonymous Content). 

Max writes, directs and produces feature films, television shows, commercials, music videos, short films and PSA's.